Ballance the Ball – One Hour Reskin – iOS 10 and Swift 3 ready

ATS compliant (see why this is important here)

Updated for iOS10, Swift 3 and Sprite Kit​!!! 

FASTEST RESKIN EVER: Only 23 images!

Hey, guys! Rebeloper here! I wanna show you how to put your app on the App Store Tonight. Not in two months, not in a week but TONIGHT. The single hardest part of a reskin business is, knowing, what source code to buy. ESPECIALLY, if you’re new in the industry… Watch video here:



  • ATS Compliant
  • Coded in Sprite Kit – THE engine for iOS games
  • Written in Swift 3 – always up to date
  • iOS10 ready – embracing the power of the best OS on mobile
  • 64 bit supported – always up to date with Apple’s requirements
  • iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro ready – beautiful on all devices


  • AdMob Banner – top banner throughout the whole game
  • Chartboost Interstitials – full screen ads
  • Game Center Leaderboard – rank, challenge and share your best score
  • Rating System – smart rating powered by iRate
  • No Ads In App Purchase – boost your revenue

\ Addicting gameplay. Watch it here:

Here is an updated video of the gameplay on a real device:


\ Only 23 images to reskin. Easiest reskin ever! You’ll be ready in under an hour. \ When adding the Level System you will have only 15 images to reskin. \ When you purchase a Rebeloper Source Code you purchase more than just a source code. You purchase the awesome documentation and constant support.\Got a question? Ask it in the Comments section. We answer each and every question in less than 24 hours, but mostly within 3 hours (if we’re not asleep). Customer happiness is our #1 priority. And of course, we offer a 14 days money back guarantee. \


3.0.3 – (01.03.2017) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed Game Center Leaderboard reporting (files changed: Gameplay.swift – line 533; Setup.swift – line 25)

3.0.2 – (20.01.2017) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed button and coin Sounds (files changed: RBButton.swift. Gameplay.swift)
  • 3.0.1 – (17.01.2017) – CRITICAL

    • Fixed Game Over Scene

    3.0.0 – (08.01.2017) – CRITICAL

    • Updated to Sprite Kit – THIS IS A BRAND NEW PROJECT THAT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLDER VERSIONSSprite Builder has been removed

    2.0.0 – (21.09.2016)

    • Updated to iOS 10 and Swift 3 – this version will run only in Xcode 8+

    1.1.0 – (09.12.2015) – OPTIONAL

    • Added Fyber (files changed: GameData.plist, RebeloperKitMini.swift, AppDelegate.m, Info.plist, Bridging-Header.h; added files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/.m, CoreLocation.framework and MediaPlayer.framework)

    1.0.3 – (15.11.2015) – OPTIONAL

    • Added a “More Games” button to the Main Menu Screen (files changed: MainMenu.ccb, MainMenu.swift, WorldContainer.ccb, WorldContainer.swift)
    • Improved Ads logic: if no Chartboost is available than a SupersonicAds ad is shown (if available) and vice-versa (files changed: RebeloperKitMini.swift, GameData.plist)

    1.0.2 – (02.11.2015) – OPTIONAL

    • Updated SupersonicAds (6.3.4) (framework changed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Supersonic.framework)
    • Updated Google AdMob SDK (7.5.2) (framework changed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/AdMob/GoogleMobileAds.framework)
    • Updated Chartboost SDK (6.0.1) (framework changed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Charboost.framework; files changed: AppDelegate.m – line 46, Bridging-Header.h – line 26)
    • Updated Documentation to 1.3 (minor typos)

    1.0.1 – (13.10.2015) – CRITICAL

    • Updated Supersonic Ads SDK to v.6.3.2. (framework changed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Supersonic.framework)
    • Allowed arbitrary loads for Supersonic Ads (explanation: In iOS9 Apple has added in controls around ‘ATS’. In order to ensure un-interrupted support for Supersonic Ad delivery across all Mediation Networks, it was important to make the following changes in your info.plist: 1. Add in a dictionary called ‘NSAppTransportSecurity’. Make sure you add this dictionary on the ‘Top Level Key’. 2. Inside this dictionary, add a Boolean called ‘NSAllowsArbitraryLoads’ and set it to YES.) – Details here:

    1.0.0 – (05.10.2015)

    • Initial Release


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as of March 25, 2017
Last Update March 3, 2017, 12:55 pm
Compatible With Swift
Software Version iOS 10.0.x