Food Delivery App (Android) on SLIM

We have fully updated and changed our application!

food-delivery 12.07.2016
– The admin panel is changed from complicated for users MODx to a more simple and user-friendly SLIM!
– Bugs with the connection with the server fixed.
– Support will be faster and the app management will be much easier for those who own businesses.

-There is del.htaccess at the root of the archive – you have to remove the ‘del’ after moving the archive to the server.
File must be named .htaccess

Are you the owner of a Food delivery service? Then you definitely strive to expand and grow your business!

Did you know that Mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time, while the desktop has receded to 35% of digital time spent (source: comScore)? And 90% of consumer’s mobile time is spent in apps!!!
Are you an owner of a Food Delivery Service? Be always on-the-go with your clients! Don’t miss out on all the mobile users audience! Increase the number of orders from mobile devices in minutes by creating your own native mobile application using the “Food Delivery App Demo” template – the app you can download here is the demo example of the user’s role app!!!

How does it work?

You download the open source “Food Delivery App”, then with a user-friendly app template create your own mobile application, covering the following features:

— create your menu (with pics, names, prices)

— fully manage the menu (add/edit/delete items), control menu sections and categories (add, assign them to headings)

— provide additional information about your business (about us, contacts, etc.)

— receive and view orders (name, address, ordered items).

With “Food Delivery App” you get more orders from mobile users, as well as save time and money for developing a separate mobile application.

“Food Delivery App” is exactly what you need for your business!

1. UI-oriented design

Designed by UI experts, the app provides high comfort for your application users. You don’t need to develop mockups and draw selling design. We have already done it for you!

2. Functionally aimed at selling

Each user of a mobile application of your service can browse directory with the menu items, order the food online and add his/her favourite products to their favorites.

3. Easy navigation

In the application there is an easy search by name and an opportunity to sort the items by price and category. All this will provide your potential customers with easy go-through process and smooth purchase decision making.

4. Integration with Google maps

There is also an opportunity in the application to enter the data about the address, where your customer can pick the order up.

And even if your customers are offline, they are provided with the offline map location mode, where they still get the opportunity to choose the closest pick-up address to their current location.

5. Personal user account

In order to facilitate the process of re-orders, you can ask the user to register, then this data can be stored in your database, giving the users a chance to then, at any time, he/she can enter the application, order his/her favorite foods and view his/her favorites, for example.

6. Technical support

In case of any further questions, desires of customized additional functionality and/or exclusive features, you can refer to the application developers.

We now have a new, more user-friendly admin on SLIM!

How to create an ad unit

In strings.xml you need to change the ad_mob_banner_unit_id to your app ID (from the Admob site).

You can find how to do it here:

The file can be found along the way:


Link to access the admin panel:

login: [email protected]


Enjoy it!



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