Magaza Ionic 2 App for WordPress

Magaza is a full featured working Ionic 2 app that uses WordPress as the backend. Save time and effort in plugging your WordPress website to our app using the wordpress REST api to start fetching posts, categories, pages with ease.

Try before you buy

Download the Ionic View app and use app ID 6f653cfe to test


  1. Better Images Addon for WordPress REST-API
  2. WordPress REST API (Version 2)


  1. Unzip into a folder
  2. Run npm install inside that folder from your command line/terminal
  3. Run Ionic Serve


  1. Screen List
  2. Login (Tabbed into Login, Forgot Password and Create account)
  3. Feed
  4. Single Post
  5. Category
  6. Search Result
  7. Sidebar


Integrated with WordPress Rest-API

Powered by the WordPress Rest Api, magaza can fetch all posts based on category, reach the latest posts first, or search your website straight from the app. If you’re added a post/page to your site, Magaza can reach it.

Caching and infinite scroll bundled in.

Pull to refresh and infinite scrolling for categories, search results and homefeed have been built in for a smooth search experience

Share your posts to Social Networks

From Facebook to Instagram, every app is leveraging the ability of users saving their posts to drive future engagement. You can share your wordpress posts to social networks for more organic exposure.

Save your wordpress posts as bookmarks in Magaza

Like a post? Save it for future reference with Magaza’s bookmark feature, built on Ionic’s Authentication service.

Email/Password Authentication with Ionic Auth – in one line of code

Users can register/login/save bookmarks using Ionic’s Authentication service. Register an App ID and you’re setup to go.


Every .ts has extensive documentation explaining the general flow of functions. Magaza also comes with a comprehensive documentation that’s continuously updated at



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Software Version WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6